Bialetti Coffee Moka 9 Cups Espresso


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Bialetti  Moka Express the original Italian coffee maker.
Becoming a MOKA LOVER is easy.
Start by pouring water into base of the Moka base until it reaches the safety valve.
For the experience,  use Bialetti Perfetto Moka coffee, fill the funnel generously without pressing down the coffee.
Put the Moka on the stove Top when you hear the gurgling it means your coffee is ready.
The Bialetti Moka pot can be used on gas, electric and induction.
1 Bialetti cup = 1 shot of coffee = about 30ml
Made in Italy from high quality stainless steel and aluminium base.

The acrylic handle and lid knob are easy to handle even when hot. I

Bialetti Moka 6cuppa pot brings us together.